This is the description of Enrofloxacin Base
Products name  Enrofloxacin Base 
Shelf life  3 years
Items  Specification  Results
Appearance  yellow or lighy orange-yellow, crystalline powfer  yellow crystalline powder
Mekting point  221-226 222.9--224.3
HPLC the retention time of the major peak of the sample solution corresponds to that of the standard solution, as obtained in the assay.  complies
IR  The spectrum of sample conforms to that of the reference spectrum comploes
Appearance of solution  The solution is not more opalescent than reference suspension I and not more intensely coloured than reference solution Y or GY complies
Related substances
Cirprofloxacin  not more than 0.5% 0.08%
Unspecified impurity  not more than 0.5% 0.09%
total impurities  not more than 0.7% 0.2%
Loss on drying  not more than 0.5% 0.04%
residue on ignition  not more than 0.2% 0.05%
Heacy metals  not more thab 0.02% less than 0.002%
Assay not less than 99% 99.5%
conclusion: the result conforma wih do not conform with the specifications

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