This is the description of Enrofloxacin HCL
Product Name Enrofloxacin Hcl 
Shelf life 2 years
Test  Accetance certeria  Result
Appearance  Almost white crystalline partically odorless and bitter Conforms
Solubility Sparingly soluble in water or hydroxide ts cery slightly soluble in methacol or ethanol practically insoluble in chloroform. Conforms
Identification malonic acidacetic anhydride test silytion show brownish red colour  Conforms
Uv: Absorption maxime at 276.314nm
Ir: conforms to the rederecne spectrum
Responds to the tests for chloride 
Clarity & color  clear and not more intensely coloured than Y or YG 
PH  3.5-4.5 complies
Flouride  ≥4.5% 3.9
Loss on ignition  ≤0.2% 4.6%
Heavy metals  ≤20ppm 0.1%
Related substances  ≤1.5% 0.04%
Assay  ≥98.5% <20ppm< td="">
Conlusion:The results conform with the specification 

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